Earth Science and Technology Cell

Earth Science and Technology Cell

The Berhampur University signed an MOU with, Department of Ocean Development (DOD), Government of India on January 15, 1998 and thereby Earth Science and Technology Cell (ESTC) was established as an autonomous cell, on Marine Coastal Ecology. The Cell focuses in promotion and implementation of advanced studies and research on marine coastal ecology.

Aims and Objectives

  • Encourage and promote the potential of research in frontier areas of the designated field through projects, operative at the Cell and generate projects after peer review at several stages.
  • Manpower development programmes in various forms, such as: research projects, conducting workshops, seminars, symposia, short term training programs etc. Preparation of course curricula and database for coastal ecology for dissemination of information in identified thrust areas.
  • Promotion and linkage of activities of ESTC, Berhampur University with other research institutions/industries in and outside the country for exchange of ideas/ knowledge through collaborative planning.
  • Human resources development and socio-economic uplift of people of the coastal areas through such studies and research, and to perform many other important functions.

Thrust Areas

The whole gamut of scientific observations and research in the domain of marine systems has been divided into several thrust areas by the DOD. The following thrust areas are identified for ESTC, Berhampur University.

  • Biodiversity of coastal ecosystem
  • Plankton ecology and productivity
  • Coastal pollution and control
  • Environmental impacts of coastal aquaculture
  • Coastal microbial ecology
  • Socio-economic aspects of coastal ecosystem


To carry out research activities independently in the areas of marine coastal ecology, the OSTC has developed adequate infrastructure facilities which are accessible to research personnel involved in the DOD funded projects. The Cell has two laboratories one wet laboratory for carrying out chemical analysis work and the other one, dry laboratory that houses computers and various equipments like:

  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • BOD Incubator
  • Centrifuge
  • Water Bath
  • Digital Monopan Balance
  • DO meter

In addition to the above, Remote Sensing and GIS facilities are available in the Department of Marine Sciences. However, the Cell is making all out efforts to acquire other sophisticated equipment, relevant to the field of marine ecology from DOD funds.


Since its inception in the year 1998, the ESTC has received over 100 project proposals from the research scientists and academicians of different institutions covering the identified thrust areas of coastal marine domain. The details of the research projects completed over the years and those are now under progress are given herewith.

New Research Proposals

New research proposals on the earmarked thrust areas in prescribed DOD formats (available at are invited periodically from the scientists and academicians working in universities, colleges, scientific institutions, etc by the ESTC through advertisements that appear in the Current Science.