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Welcome to NSS Bureau Berhampur University

Prof. Govind Chakrapani


Chairman, NSS Advisory Committee

Programme Coordinator

NSS Bureau, Berhampur University

NSS Bureau, Berhampur University was established in the year 1970-71 and governed all affiliated college under the University. In the beginning, NSS Bureau started with 300 NSS volunteers distributed in 06 colleges. At present, it has been enlarged with 11250 NSS volunteers composed of 255 units (both boys and girls) spread over 110 colleges. During last three years, units have been opened in different Engineering and Technical Colleges in this region. National Service Scheme is a student-centered programme and it serves as a significant component in higher education. It includes the spirit of nobility among students and volunteers with academic interest. Through various social activities and programmes, students and teachers are involved in promoting community interaction and social upliftment. Thereby it adds an extension dimension to higher evaluation system and orients the student youths to vocalize community service. Every year, on 24th September, 'NSS Day' is celebrated organizing different programmes and activities.

Generally, there are two types of programmes organized in NSS (a) Regular Camping Programme during weekend holidays and Sundays and hourly programme post-working hours of the day. (b) Special Camping Programme during vacation particularly, in Summer, Puja and X-Mas. Since Medical and Engineering Colleges are involved in the programme and they do not have any specific vacation in order to carry out the Special Camps, they are being allowed to conduct special camps during the period of interval between two semesters. Besides, Inter College Camp, Disaster Management Training Camp, Youth Leadership Training Camp, Adventure Programme, Youth Exchange Programme, National Integration Camp, Youth Skill Development Training Programme and so on are organized.

NSS office is functioning in a separate building of the University, having well-furnished rooms like Store Room, Record Room, Guest Room etc. Computers and audio-visual facility are also provided to the NSS wing. The office is running with one Programme Coordinator along with 02 Assistants and 02 supporting staff.

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand the community needs and articulating the students' relation for the societal development work.
  • Inculcate spirit of nobility along with academic interest.
  • Identify the problems and requirements of the community and taking proper steps to solve them.
  • Work for upbringing social solidarity and harmony in and around the community.
  • Gain skills for mobilizing community welfare programmes through active participation at the state level.
  • Develop and nurturing strong will power, endurance and foresightedness to face emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Stimulate national integration and social harmony among youth through the exemplification of leadership qualities and democratic attitudes.

State Level Award for the year 2011-12 and 2012-13

In the year 2011-12, Programme Officer Dr. P. Sahu and two NSS volunteers P.K Padhy and R.K Senapati received the State Level Award and Best Volunteer Award respectively. In the following year, Programme Officer Smt. Indira Priyadarshini Patnaik received National Indira Gandhi Award.

Further, in 2012-13, Dr. S.P. Nayak received NSS State Award for his remarkable extensive contribution towards community development.

No. of Programme Officers and Volunteers (June 2010 to May 2015)

Year No. of Members
2010-11 215 Programme Officers and 10750 Volunteers
2011-12 225 Programme Officers and 11250 Volunteers
2012-13 225 Programme Officers and 11250 Volunteers
2013-14 225 Programme Officers and 11250 Volunteers
2014-15 225 Programme Officers and 11250 Volunteers

Details of Activities Undertaken during June 2010-May 2015

Year Activities undertaken No. of participants Outcome of the activities
2010-11 Mahanadi River Expedition, 02 Knowledge gain.
Chilika Tracking Programme 05 Knowledge gain.
Pre-R.D Selection Camp at 75 05 volunteers selected and one participated at New Delhi.
Science College, Hinjilicut, Plantation. 2000

280 survived

Blood Donation, 1700 943 unit blood collected
Environmental Education and Sustainable Development. 6000 149 Awareness Camps
RGNIYD, Sriperabudur (TN) 3Male and 3Female Became Master Trainer
2011-12 Gyanalok 3000 693 dropout child Pervaded to continue studies
Blood Donation 2800 2393 units of blood collected
Sanitation Awareness 5284 78 Camps
Water Shed Management 3429 52 Camps
Indian Youth Delegation to China 01 Sri. B. Samal visit to China
2012-13 Pre RD Camp at Bhubaneswar 20

SP Nayak, Deenabandhu Mohanty, J. Rath and Miss A. Patnaik
Mega Blood Donation Camp 3297 2640 Unit blood collected
Herbal Garden 03 03
State Slogan Competition 01 01(Second in the State)
Plantation 470 265 survived.
2013-14 Youth Exchange Programme 12

Gained experience of Gujarati culture
Plantation 1200 600 survived
Sanitation Awareness 4000 116 Camps
Blood donation 4422 2368 units of blood collected
Mega Health Camp 150 Treatment of Health Check up 800 people from 03 Panchayats
SVEEP 5340

Massive awareness campaign was done
RTI Awareness 3420 65 camps was organized
Odia classical language celebration 200 1 camp was organized
2014-15 Plantation 4080 1255 survived
Sanitation Awareness 2248 83 camps
Blood donation 2250 1819 units of blood collected
Cattle immunizations 800 70 Cattles
SVEEP 320 02 Camps
Consumer Awareness 2435 55 Camps
Swachha Bharat Abhiyan 8967 104Camps
RTI Awareness 3885 17 Camps
NIRD and PR 547 50 volunteers and 10 Pos trained at NIRD and PR, Hyderabad
Self Defense Training 300 Gained Knowledge

Thrust Areas

  • Volunteers Participation in Community Development,
  • Personality Development, and capacity building.
  • Ready to Help.
  • Awareness on Sanitation and Social Evils.

Grants Received during 2010-15 with the Name of the Funding Agency

Year Funding Agency Regular
(in Rupees)
(in Rupees)
2010-11 Govt. of India: 7, Govt. of Odisha: 5

(Matching share)

17,20,000/- 16,12,500/-
2011-12 Govt. of India: 7, Govt. of Odisha: 5

(Matching share)

17,18,835/- 17,35,806/-
2012-13 Govt. of India: 7, Govt. of Odisha: 5

(Matching share)

20,68,942/- 18,62,046/-
2013-14 Govt. of India: 7, Govt. of Odisha: 5

(Matching share)

16,80,751/- 9,67,683/-
2014-15 Govt. of India: 7, Govt. of Odisha: 5

(Matching share)

27,19,646/- 24,47,118/-

Other Highlights

Adoption of 10 model villages in collaboration with NSS volunteers for holistic development of the undeveloped villages under NIRD and PR Project, Hyderabad. Volunteers of GIET, Gunupur were applauded by the Government of Odisha for contributing the highest number of blood units in Odisha during 2014-15.

Achievements of NSS Bureau

  • We have submitted proposal to the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India to enhance the regular camping grant amount from Rs. 12/- to Rs. 25/- per volunteer on 13th August, 2015 and sent the follow-up on 1st June, 2015.
  • We have adopted 10 under developed rural villages of South Odisha under the jurisdiction of Berhampur University for their holistic development in collaboration with NIRD and PR, Hyderabad.
  • 50 Student's Volunteers and 10 Programme Officers have undergone training at Hyderabad during 1st and 2nd November 2014 for this purpose.
  • Preliminary survey report of these villages have been completed and submitted to NIRD and PR Hyderabad by the concerned Programme officers.
  • Our University maintained the record of collecting highest number of units of Blood for several years, however; last year GIET, Gunupur received the State Award 2014-15 for the same. The Bureau collected a total of 1819 units of Blood during 2014-15.
  • As a part of the Post Phailin programme, we have distributed clothing materials and medicines provided by the Employees Association of NALCO to the Phailin affected villagers of Humiki, Aska and Laxmipur.
  • We have planted more than 7000 saplings in the University Campus in collaboration with Forest Department, Government of Odisha. Along with this 5000 saplings were planted by different NSS Units. The Bureau is searching suitable land for plantation of Neem tree under the Jagannath Vatika Project.
  • We have organized an Inter- University Camp for Women at Women's College, Rayagada and 4 inter-College camps at Biju Panaik Kundra College, Koraput, Savitri Women's college, Bhanja Nagar, Gunupur College, Gunupur and Sunabeda Women's College, Sunabeda.
  • We have organized "Swachha Bharat Ahbiyan" on 29th and 30th September, 2015 at the University campus and continued this in different colleges round the year.
  • We have organized Inter-College Yoga Training camp on 22-06-2015 on the occasion of International Yoga Day.
  • We have organized one Mega Health Camp in collaboration with TATA Rural Society Gopalpur covering 03 Gram Panchayats.

Future Plans

  • More involvement of student volunteers in NSS activities and more emphasis on "Swachha Bharat Abhiyan".
  • Importance for organizing more blood donation camps.
  • Awareness Campaign, Leadership and Personality Development Programmes.