P.G. Hostels at A Glance

Berhampur University (1967) is committed to provide good residential facilitieswith robust security systemand good learning environment to students. The University hostel system includes 8Hostels for Boys(One Hostel Under Construction) and 9Hostels for Girls(One Hostel Under Construction) students. The hostels are spacioushaving well-furnished rooms and separate common mess for boys and girls providing hygienic food at affordable price. Hostels also provide 24x7 security facilities, recreational facilities like TVs with DTH connection, indoor & outdoor games, gymnasium, study room with daily newspapers and magazines, Wi-Fi facility and purified aqua-guard drinking water facility. The Hostel administration is taken care of by two Wardens i.e., one for Boys hostels and one for Girls hostels. Public Health Centre, Banks, Post Office, Indoor & Outdoor Stadium, Medicine Shop, Canteen and daily market are also situated very close to the Hostel area. It is well connected to Berhampur Govt. Bus Stand and Berhampur Railway Station. The City Bus and Auto Rickshaw Services are available near the Hostel area. Further,there are one superintendent, two assistant superintendents, one office assistant and one caretakerare there in each Hostel to look after the residential life of the broders.
Hostel Rules:

  • Students desirous of staying in a hostel should apply in the prescribed proforma. Admission to hostel can't be claimed as a matter of right. The hostel seats are allotted to students purely on merit basis.
  • The Warden shall make allotment of the Hostel seats.
  • Rooms in the Hostel shall be assigned by the Superintendent concerned on production of the letter of allotment from the Warden. The boarder shall occupy the room assigned to him and in no case shall change it without the prior approval of the Superintendent.
  • No students shall be allowed to stay in the Hostel without admission excepts guest of the regular border and with the written permission of the Superintendent. In order to qualify as a guest, a person should be a regular student of a P.G. Dept. of the University.
  • For admission into a Hostel, a border is required to pay the following fees:
    • a)Caution Money Deposit, which is refundable to him at the time of his/her leaving the hostel.
    • b)Admission fee.
    • c)Electricity and water charges and
    • d)Hostel Seat Rent and other fees. Borders are required to fill in the required documents in the hostel office before they are actually permitted by the Superintendent for admission. They are also required to submit 2 copies of their latest passport size photograph duly attested by gazetted officer or a teacher of this University at the time of admission to the Hostel.
  • The borders have to pay such other fees as may be decided by the authorities from time to time.

Hostel Discipline:

  • Borders are required to obtain the written permission of the Warden by applying through the Superintendent concerned before joining any non-academic association/society outside the University Campus.
  • Holding of meeting or circulation of notices and other papers in the Hostel shall be done only with the prior permission sanctioned of the Superintendent.
  • The Warden and the respective Superintendent are responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline in the hostels and shall have power to take action against any border for the breach of discipline. All cases of gross misconduct shall be brought to the notice of the University authority /Vice Chancellor for necessary action.
  • The management of the Hostel rests with the Warden and the Superintendents concerned.
  • he Superintendent shall maintain a confidential conduct register in which the names of borders shall be entered in the event of serious misconduct. Students may be refused to take readmission into the hostels for habitual or gross misconduct.
  • The following shall be considered as breach of discipline:
    • a)Absence from the hostel without permission.
    • b)Misbehaviour towards employees of the Hostel and the mess staff.
    • c)Tampering with or damaging of electrical or other fittings in the premises.
    • d)Use of heaters or other electric appliances.
    • e)Cooking inside rooms.
    • f)Taking meals in the Hostel mess by force.
    • g)Holding of any meeting in the hostel without the approval of the Superintendent.
    • h)Staying in the Hostel in an intoxicated and drugged condition.
    • i)Misconduct of any other description.
  • Borders are also to abide by such other rules with regard to discipline in the Hostels as will be introduced by the Warden and the Superintendent from time to time. Students may be expelled from the Hostel for habitual misconduct. Expulsion from teaching department will automatically lead to forfeiture of the room allotted to the student concerned.


Prof. P.K. Swain, P.G. Boys'Hostels

P.G. Department of Odia
Prof. P. Samantaray, P.G. Ladies'Hostels
P.G. Department of Home Science

Boys' Hostels




Assistant Superintendent



Dr. Padmanava Samanta Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. Narayan Sahoo Dept. of Ele. Science
  • Dr. Sandip Kumar Dash Dept. of Zoology



Dr. Sidharth Sankar Panda Department of Physics

  • Dr. B.B. Parida Dept. of Chemistry
  • Mr. Kusa Kumar Naik Dept. of Physics



Prof. Sudhakar Patra Department of Economics

  • Dr. L.D. Rout Dept. of Chemistry
  • Mr. Shakti Ranjan Das Dept. of Commerce



Dr. T. Eswar Rao Department of English

  • Mr. Laxman Kumar Murmu Dept. of Zoology



Dr. Sameer Bhoi Department of Odia

  • Dr. Biswa Ranjan Maher Dept. of Botany

6th Boy's Hostel


Dr. Gangnam Phaomei, Department of Chemistry




Dr. J.K.Seth Department of Zoology

  • Mr. Anil Kumar Tiriya Dept. of English

Ladies Hostels




Assistant Superintendent

Mahendra Tanaya


Dr. Harapriya Samantaraya Department of Home Sc.

  • Dr. Bharat Kumar Lakra Dept. of IR & PM
  • Mr. Bikash Ranjan Bag Dept. of Comp. Sc.



Dr. Anubha Choudhury Dept. of IR & PM

  • Dr. Padmalochan Hembram Dept. of Botany



Dr. Anubha Choudhury Dept. of IR & PM

  • Dr. Padmalochan Hembram Dept. of Botany



Dr. Prasanna Kumar Dixit Dept. of Zoology

  • Mr. Pabitra Singh Dept. of Economics
  • Mr. Chitta Ranjan Gogoi Dept. of Law



Dr. Prasanna Kumar Dixit Dept. of Zoology

  • Mr. Pabitra Singh Dept. of Economics
  • Mr. Chitta Ranjan Gogoi Dept. of Law

Working Hostel


Dr. Prasanna Kumar Dixit Dept. of Zoology

  • Mr. Pabitra Singh Dept. of Economics
  • Mr. Chitta Ranjan Gogoi Dept. of Law



Prof. Gouri Shankar Lal Dept. of Commerce

  • Dr. Mrutyunjay Jena Dept. of Botany
  • Dr. Diptimayee Mishra Dept. of Economics



Dr. Sarita Das Dept. of Botany

  • Dr. Madan Mohan Soren Dept. of Mathematics

Future Plans
Saberi Ladies Hostel will be ready shortly for boarders after renovation.
Construction of ladies' hostel with 400 capacities.
Construction of boys' hostel with 300 capacities.