Vice Chancellor

Prof. Geetanjali Dash

Vice-Chancellor, Berhampur University

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Established in 1967, Berhampur University is one of the oldest universities of Odisha. It is located on a 250+ acres of sprawling green campus near Berhampur City, the education hub of Odisha. It's motto is "Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya", to become a beacon light of knowledge to eliminate ignorance "from darkness, lead me to light".

I strongly believe that academics, research and extension are the three pillars for the progress of any higher institution of learning. Let's work together to bring name and fame to our University by connecting among ourselves and to exhibit oneness in working for the enhancement of the University. The challenge before us is threefold, namely, Expansion, Inclusion and Excellence - Expansion to serve the exponential demand, Inclusion for equity and access to all without compromising Excellence and quality. Our University shall strive hard to facilitate a more holistic learning environment that enriches students with new knowledge and skills to engage meaningfully in the changing socio-economic scenario. The University will continue to play a crucial role to shape the future of millions of young students of the country. The University is committed to promote innovations in learning processes, develop a research ecosystem and inculcate a culture of excellence.

Education is a great leveler, it eradicates imbalance. We will work devotedly in this direction. The unfinished agenda of equity and access are to be followed by our University in an earnest manner. Our motto should be producing good human beings, capable of rational thought and action and they should possess compassion and empathy, courage and resilience, scientific temper and creative imagination, at the same time with some ethical moorings, imagination and values. Our University should aim at producing engaged, productive and contributing citizens for building a plural society. Let us rededicate ourselves in this direction.

I solemnly request the faculty, officers, supporting staff, researchers and students to come together and integrate our human resources and material resources to work for the upliftment of the University to become visible among the world class universities. I sincerely hope that we could achieve this in near future with all your cooperation and support.

With earnest wishes and warm greetings.

Prof. Geetanjali Dash