Vice-Chancellor's Vision


Founded with the mission to create enlightened citizenship through quality teaching and research, Berhampur University aims to preserve the diversity of the region/civil society in the midst of unity. It envisions itself as an active member of the knowledge society by being a centre of professional learning of international standing where free flow of ideas will lead to innovation and well-being.


  • To develop humanism and constitutional values in the students and train them as responsible citizens.
  • To encourage socially relevant research
  • To be a part of/to contribute to global knowledge creation in a meaningful way and to maintain a level of excellence.
  • To integrate the research outcome of the University with community well-being
  • To inculcate the values of multiculturalism and tolerance in students
  • To make available accessible, administration based on the principle of equity.
  • To connect our community of alumni and civil society in a sustained manner.
  • To assimilate the usage of technology.