National Service Scheme (N.S.S) was launched as a voluntary association during Gandhiji's birth centenary year 1969. It is aimed at developing student's personality through community service from the campus to community. N.S.S. programs is aimed at enabling the volunteers to involve themselves in the task of nation building.

National Service scheme was implemented in the university in 1970-71 with 350 volunteers in 8 colleges. Now the student volunteer's strength has increased to 10750 of 215 units with program officers spreading over to 100 colleges such that each program officer has one unit consisting of 50 N.S.S volunteers.

National Youth Festival:

The National Youth Festival was held at Amiitsar, Punjab from 12th to 16th January 2009. From Berhampur University Ms.Truptirani Mah.kud, II year B.Sc, college of Nursing, Berhampur (Gm) had participated in the festival.

National Youth Day:

The National Youth week was celebrated from 12-19 January 2009 at the university level. On this auspicious occasion a debate competition was organized basing on the topic 'Sarva Janina Prathamika Sikshya'. The program was organized at Senate Hall of Berhampur University. More than 100 participants including N.S.S volunteers of the P.G.units and the respective colleges were involved in this program. The faculty members of different P.G.departments of the university had also participated in this program. Prof.K.S.Padhy, Dept of Political science had inaugurated the program and delivered a talk basing on Philosophy of Vivekananda in relation to present day context

National Integration Camp:

A National Integration Camp was held at Duddupudi Composite Junior College, Sidhanur, Raichur (dist), Karnataka from 25 to 31 January 2009. From our university under the leadership of Mrs.Krutidipa Mohanty from college of Nursing, Berhampur (Gm) with the N.S.S volunteers of 10 concerned colleges have participated.

Adventure Programmes for NSS:

An adventure program was held at Mountaineering Institute, Manali, Himachal Pradesh from 8 -21 February 2009. In this program, 5 N.S.S volunteers from our university had participated. They participated in the activities like mountaineering, skiing, Para-gliding and trekking.

National Integration Camp at AMCS College, Tikabali (Kandhamal), Orissa:

A National Integration & Peace Camp was organized by N.S.S Bureau, Berhampur University at A.M.C.S College, Tikabali from 24-28 February 2009. In this program, the N.S.S volunteers from Kandhamal district along with program officers were involved. On the inaugural day, Prof. B.K.Sahu, Vice-Chancellor Berhampur University was the chief guest and Shri J.S.Giri Rao, Chairman National Integration Council, Berhampur University was the guest of honor on the occasion. Prof. Manmath Kumar Padhy, was the chief speaker and Ms. Jhanshi Singh, Program Coordinator, N.S.S. Bureau, Berhampur University was the Guest of Honor, Mrs. Renubala Pradhan, Member of Parliament, and Kishan Kumar, Collector, Kandhamal, Shri Pradeep Patnaik, Youth officer, N.S.S regional center had attended in valedictory function. 150 volunteers from the district of Kandhamal and Ganjani had participated. In this program, the main motto taken was 'peace harmony and integrity of the region'.

National Integration-cum-Peace Camp at Kalinga Mahavidyalaya, 
G.Udayagiri (Kandhamal):

Under the joint collaboration of National Youth Project, New Delhi and the District administration of Kandhamal, a National Integration -cum- Peace Camp was held at Kalinga Mahavidyalaya, G.Udayagiri from 20-27 May 2009, In this program volunteers from 9 states viz., Assam, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh have participated. One of the high lights of the program is 'Padayatra' that was held at Rudaingia, Raikola, N.A.C G.Udayagiri. Dr. S.N.Subba Rao, the living spirit of Mahatma Gandhi was the chief guest on this occasion. Dr. Bhagavan Prakash, President, Odisha Shanti 'O'Sadbhabana Abhiyan, Bhubaneswar, President, iational Youth Project, Orissa Chapter and Madhubhai, Project Director, District Rural Development Agency, Kandhamal have attended the program. Ms. Jhanshi singh, Program Coordinator, N.S.S. Bureau, Berhampur University had coordinated the program.

Training on Right to Information:

A training program for leadership and right to information was held May 29 to June 2nd 2009 at Nabakrushna Chaudhury Center for Developmental Studies, Bhubaneswar. Ten program officers from our university had participated in this program.

Summer Special Camp 2009 and Gyanalok:

A summer special camp was held by 34 units of 20 colleges in the districts of Ganjam, Gajapati, Kandhamal and Koraput. 800 special camping volunteers and program officers had participated. During the camp period volunteers gave more importance to the 'Gyanalok program' of their adopted villages. They motivated the parents and the children by going door to door campaigning and cultural programs like skit play, songs, mono-action etc. Importance was also given in canvassing about global warming, sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness etc.

NRD on Youth Leadership and Personality Development Programme:

A youth leadership and personality development training program, was held at Mussorie, Uttarakhand from 15-17 June 2009. In this program, Sri Binod Bihari Pattanaik, Program officer, Keshpur College, Keshpur (Gm.) had participated.

Annual Summer Mega Camp at RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur (Tamil Nadu):

Annual mega summer camp was organized at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sri Perumbudur, Tamil Nadu from 22 June to 3 July 2009. The N.S.S volunteers from T.S.D College, B.D.Pur(Gm), A.M.C.S. College, Tikabali under the leadership of Sri Prabhakar Mahapatra, Program officer, N.S.S, T.S.D college had participated.

Inter-College Puja Special Camp and Gyanalok:

An inter college NSS Special camp on Gyanalok organized by Anchalika Mahavidyalaya, Kshatriyabarapur at Pailipada village district Ganjam during 17-23 September 2009. 100 volunteers from different affiliated colleges of Ganjam, Gajapathi and Kandhamal districts participated in the adopted village Pailipada and surveyed different neighbouring villages of Ustapalli Kanta Sai, Barata, Dhanapunja and K.Nuagada comprising a population of 11200. Out of which the different castes of the people are OBC: 6800, SC: 1200, ST: 400 and Others: 2800.

During the drop out figures that were obtained are as below: Pailipada-33, Kanta Sahi-32, Ustapalli-12, Dhanpunja-7. The totai drop outs in these villages come to 101. These drops out children were motivated by the volunteers by going door to door campaigning through cultural programs like skit, street play, community songs etc. Apart from Gyanalok' the volunteers campaigned for the awareness of Swine-Flus, HIV/AIDS, mother and child care.

Report during Puja Special Camp and Gyanalok:

The NSS Puja Special camp was organized during the period 24-30th September 2009 for plantation, sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, cleanliness, and blood donation, Gyanalok etc in 46 units of 20 colleges of Ganjam, Gajapati, Kandhamal and Koraput districts under the jurisdiction of NSS Bureau Berhampur University. Total volunteers had participated in this camp were 1150. Apart from these normal activities during the camp, awareness on 'Gyanalok' was also given importance. The volunteers went to 46 villages and found the drop out children as 339 who were motivated to go back to schools and explained the need of education.

Blood Donation Camps:


Name of the College

Units of Blood Collected


Laxmipur College, Laxmipur, List,Koraput

26 Units of blood collected.


K.M. Science College, Narendrapur, Dist.Ganjam.

14 Units of blood collected.


Similiguda college, Similiguda. Dist. Koraput

70 Units of blood collected.


Ganjam college, Ganjam, (Ganjam)

40 Units of blood collected.


Chikiti Mahavidyalaya, Chikiti, (Ganjam)

22 Units of blood collected

Training on Violence against Women:

A Training Programme on Violence against women was held at DRTC Auditorium, CYSD, Bhubaneswar on 06th, December, 2009, The volunteers from College of Nursing, Berhampur, (Gin,), MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, (Gm.), S.B.S. College, Khandadeuli, (Gm.), Bellaguntha Sc. College, Bellaguntha, (Gm.) along with Programme Officers from our University had participated in this programme. This programme was sponsored by TASK FORCE on VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, Bhubaneswar and the name of the programme was Uddan, 2009- a platform for Youth in Orissa to encourage youth to promote and protect Human Rights with a focus on Gender Rights.

Training Programme on Social Harmony and National Unity:

A training programme on Social Harmony and National Unity was held at CYSD, Bhubaneswar from 20th to 24th, December, 2009. In this programme, the Dist. Programme Officers of the different districts under our University had participated. The programme was sponsored by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, (RGNIYD), Sriperumudur, Tamil Nadu.

Orientation/Refresher Course Training:

The 101st Orientation Training Course was organized from 12-10-2009 to 21-10-2009 at Training Orientation Centre, O.U.A.T., Bhubaneswar. In this programme, 08 Programme Officers from our University had attended. Similarly the 51st Refresher course from 13.11.2009 to 17.11.2009 at Training Orientation Centre, O.U.A.T., Bhubaneswar. In this programme, 06 Programme Officers from our University had attended.

Report during X-Mas Special Camp:

The NSS X-Mas Special Camp was organized during the period from 23rd December, 2009 to 14th, January, 2010 for Gyanalok, HIV/AIDS awareness, Blood donation, Public Sanitation and Personal Hygiene, Legal awareness, etc. in 33 Units of 17 colleges of Ganjam, Gajapati, Koraput, Malkangiri, & Rayagada districts by NSS Bureau of Berhampur University. The total volunteers and Programme Officers participated in the X-Mas Special Camp 2009 were 8580. Apart from these normal activities during the camp, awareness on "GYNALOK" was also given importance.


Sri Pasan Kumar Nayak and Miss. Susobhini Pradhan N.S.S. Volunteers of Kalinga Mahavidayalaya, G. Udayagiri, Dist. Kandhamal, were selected to Republic Day Parade Camp, 2010 which was held at New Delhi. Similarly, Smt. Indira Priyadarshani Pattanaik, Programme Officer, Sunabeda, Dist, Koraput will lead the team of Orissa state to Republic Day Parade, 2010 at New Delhi.

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