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Berhampur University is having a Central Library named as R.P. Padhi Library to commemorate the memory of the Late R.P. Padhi who served the University as the Vice Chancellor from 1968 to 1972 His contributions to the Institution is highly appreciable and praise worthy. The Library was established in the year 1968 to meet the growing needs of the students, teachers and book loving personnel. It mirrors the store house of knowledge and excellence of our university. It is a 3-storey building having three main sections. The Circulation Section is located in the ground floor to issue books to students and others. Reference Section-I containing books and journals is located in the first floor with photo-copy facility at its entrance. Reference Section-II is placed in the 2nd floor which has facility for reading newspapers, magazines and reference books.

The Library has about 1,30,00 books as recorded in Accession Register. The belongings of the library are fully processed using the popular technical tools like 18th edition of DDC for classification and AACR–II for cataloguing. The centrally exhibited library catalogue is arranged alphabetically under three sections such as author, title and subject for tracing each book by the library users.


The total checks-in and checks-out of books are 10462 and 9520 respectively in 2014-2015.

Library Facilities and Different Sections of the R.P. Padhi Library


1. Acquisition Section

There are about 1,30,000 books, available in the library.

2. Technical Processing Section

A total of 2876 number of books has been classified according to the DDC Scheme 18th edition and 2706 books have been catalogued in all respects as per AACR–II. About 2706 number of books has been brought to shelf list.

3. Circulation Section

The Circulation Section of Library is kept open from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. The transaction hours of this Section are from 10.45 am to 2.00 pm and 2.30 pm to 3.45 pm on all working days.

FIRST FLOOR: Reference Section-I

1. Journal Section

The Journal Section is kept open from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm in all the working days of the University. The Section is occupied with the following library belongings:

  • • Books (Reference) 3,224
  • • Back Volume of Journals 830 Title
  • • Reports 2580
  • • Statistical Handbooks 2857
  • • Census Reports 593
  • • Maps 18
  • • Globe 1
  • • Ph.D. Theses 1797
  • • Encyclopedia for Research Scholars and Dictionaries

2. Services

  • Total No. of Users 4,451
  • Reading Materials Used 5,115
  • Reference Service 1,601
  • Desk Queries 2,076

3. Info net Section

The Section provides 30 e-accesses to the research scholars and teachers to access UGC INFONET journals in the library. Library is using New GenLib Software since 2009 under library Automation Programme. About 73,200 data entry of books have been made as part of Library Automation. The service can also be accessed from any computer linked to the University LAN connection.

SECOND FLOOR: Reference Section–II

1. Textbook-cum-Reading Room Section

The textbook-cum-reading room section is functioning in the 2nd floor of the R.P. Padhi Library building. This Section opens for reading and reference from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm from Monday to Friday except University holidays. It also opens from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm on Saturday, Sunday and during Summer vacation. The textbook section contains;

A. Textbooks and Dissertations:

  • Total Number of Books - 16,174
  • M. Phil. Theses: 2,864
  • P.G. Dissertations: 4,308

B. News Papers:

  • Odia Newspapers: 08
  • English Newspaper: 10
  • Hindi Newspaper: 01
  • Telugu Newspaper: 01

C. Magazines:

  • English: 38
  • Odia: 07


Books Section -

  • Total Nos. of Readers in the Year 2014 - 13,318
  • Total Nos. of Documents Used in the Year 2013 - 34,646

News papers and Magazine section -

  • Total Nos. of Reader Attendance in the Year 2014 - 10,227
  • Total Nos. of Documents Used in the Year 2013 - 10,315

2. Reprography Unit (Photocopy)

Photocopy services are provided to all categories of users as per the rules of the University.

The whole library is monitored by 25 professionals and supporting staff.

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