Central Store


Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Taking permission from Officer-in-charge of Store section it (store) calls for Annual Indent from different Departments/Sections about their probable requirements for the financial year before April. Store section also entertains Indents at any other time of the year in case of requirements.
  2. Generally Store Section places indents of Civil, Electrical, PH-materials, Stationery Articles, Computer and Accessories, Paper Items and other valuable items like Aqua guard, Stabilizer, Vehicle Parts, Air-condition machine and instruments related to air-condition machine, Sports materials, Guest house materials, Medicines for P.H.C, Printing Machine and other parts & items for University Press, Telephone Instruments etc.
  3. By the recommendation of O.I.C. Store it orders to press for printing and supplying of different courses of studies, forms and formats as per the requirements of Examination Sections, Library, Academic Section, Senate Syndicate, Finance Section, D.E.C. and other sections.
  4. Store section takes responsible to distribute blank answer books to different colleges before the commencement of examinations.
  5. Store section sells courses of studies book (University publications) and forms. At the time of convocations Store Section plays a major role from beginning to end for smooth conducting of the occasion.
  6. Central Store informs to higher authority or Officer-in-charge of the store about the stock and balance position of the storage materials i.e. physical verification of the materials every year and for that the Store Section maintains Stock Register of all the aforesaid materials after the proper verification.
  7. After stock entry, store section send.the supplier’s bill along with the purchase order to the O.I.C. store for payment.
  8. Store section verifies the condition, quality, quantity and price of the articles as per the purchase order which are already accepted.
  9. Staff of the store section takes responsibility for the proper care, custody and utilization of all articles that are received.
  10. Store section receives and issues materials according the form no. 43 of OUAM 1987..
  11. The central store sends for procurement of the indents based on past requirements/consumption and future requirement based on estimated increase/decrease and specific quality, quantity, brand, source and purposes.


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